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Aspen Ridge Sports is a manufacture of Outdoor Products for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Our products provide safety and peace of mind to individuals and families that want to venture out and know they are prepared for emergencies, sudden weather or forgetting to bring along items when exploring the outdoors  safely and with confidence. Nothing worse then being caught off-guard when out in the woods and not being prepared.

We were established in 2013 as a small Amazon seller and have expanded from there. We are a veteran owned company that enjoys the outdoors. We test our own products ourselves to make sure they are affordable but rugged enough to do their job and not let you down. We continue to grow by offering you products you need to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Aspen Ridge Sports is a registered  trademark for Aspen Ridge Products LLC, Cheyenne, WY


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This is perfect for HIKING or a long car ride! I have placed this in my hiking pack...i am very impressed with the amount of items in such a small tin! and its not bad quality items either..they are very decent items that could possibly ...

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Melissa Bergman
This is a really nice folding grip. I have purchased several and each one has mounted and preformed perfectly. One of my Airsoft M4’s has an extended barrel with a Bi-Pod and the grip folds towards the stock and Bi-pod toward the front. It still ...

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The product seems to be made of very solid material. When I went to it on my rail, it was a tight fit which I prefer so it doesn’t seem loose on my rail. Word of advise, make sure you take the bolt out then ...

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Donald Fountain
Very cool product! Comes in a compact tin not too much bigger than a box of cards, which makes it easy to store in my car's glove box. Seems to have just about everything you could need if you're stranded. I haven't had to use ...
Alison G
Wasn’t expecting much in terms of quality but boy was I wrong! Reliable and sturdy, as well as the folding mechanism works very well!!

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Samuel Kane
It looks great and I got it quickly. It is very sturdy with very slight movement . Considering the adjustability , this slight movement is negotiable .I would recommend this to anyone who wants a forward grip .Get one or two . Great deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Harry Herman
This is a must have for your survival bag.. I am so glad I got this. It has every item I thought I would have to buy separately. It all comes in a handy little case that does not take up much room and fit ...
W. Wagner